2022 Relocation Trends for Kansas City Home Buyers

What do you housing trends look like for home buyers looking to relocate in 2022? More second home purchases, rising rates, DIY renovation, and more.

Posted by Sell It To Bob on July 27, 2022

Locating [tbwcityprime] home buyers is a bit of an art for the real estate wholesaler in 2022. The best way to find success is to stay on top of housing market trends and identify opportunities for [tbwcityprime] home buyers, rehabbers, and investors. 

Consider the following 2022 relocation trends for [tbwcityprime] home buyers when strategizing for the remainder of the year.

“Second Properties” Become First Homes for Millennials 

The vacation home, known as a “second property” in the real estate world, is the new starter home for younger generations. Vacasa surveyed 701 US consumers interested in purchasing a property in addition to their primary residence for their 2022 Vacation Rental Buyer Report. The results? Nearly 1 in 5 short-term rental buyers don’t own their own home; and Millennials account for 43% of vacation home purchases.

If you have a homeowner with a property marketable as a vacation getaway from [tbwcityprime] life (or you have a contract for a [tbwcityprime] property attractive to non-locals), consider younger generations among the ranks of potential buyers–even if they don’t own a home yet.

Economical Issues Persist for Prospective Home Buyers

At the same time, increasing mortgage rates, paired with inflation, remain an entry barrier to first time homeownership for many. Today, average mortgage rates are between 4.4% and 5.3% (check latest mortgage rates here). It’s cheaper to rent than to buy in 3 out of 4 cities despite high rent prices across the country. Between a looming recession and pressing day-to-day concerns surrounding the affordability of groceries, fuel, and rent, it’s a tough real estate market. 

Opportunities exist to target home buyers and rehabbers interested in [tbwcityprime], [tbwstatecode] fixer-uppers. If you can find a [tbwcityprime] homeowner willing to sell an off-market, fixer-upper at a reasonable price, you may have an easier time finding buyers during these uncertain financial times..

Another opportunity, with consideration to 2022 relocation trends for [tbwcityprime] home buyers, is to practice reverse wholesaling. This process of wholesaling involves finding buyers first and locating off-market properties that match their preferences. Once you find a homeowner willing to sell a suitable property, you’ll have a list of investors and buyers ready with known offers.

[tbwcityprime] Housing Inventory Shortages Aren’t an Overnight Fix

There are more people who want to buy a home than there are existing homes available. Supply chain issues and expensive material costs are causing delays as builders do their best to meet new construction demands.With an inventory shortage, the price to purchase an existing property remains high despite house sales falling in June 2022. Between the economy and inventory shortages, there’s considerable speculation regarding housing affordability in the future.

A Volatile Housing Market Defines 2022 Real Estate

Economical prospects, housing inventory, affordability, supply shortages, and inflation each play a role in 2022 relocation trends for [tbwcityprime] home buyers. The housing market will continue to see positive and negative trends that create challenges and opportunities for wholesalers, depending on which news stories homeowners and buyers trust regarding the real estate market’s future. 

Home sales are slowing, but 2022 remains a seller’s market.


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