Is It Time to Sell Your Kansas City Rental Property?

In a perfect world... Real estate investing involves holding onto a property for years, earning rental income, and selling it for an appreciated value.

Posted by Sell It To Bob on December 29, 2021
Is It Time to Sell Your Kansas City Rental Property?

Real estate investing involves holding onto a property for years, earning rental income from it every month, and eventually selling it after its value has appreciated considerably. However, things don’t always work out the way you want them to. 

Sometimes, factors such as life circumstances or asset performance may motivate you to sell prematurely. Here are some of the signs that now is a good time to sell your Kansas City rental property.

You’re losing money

Losing money is part of the risk that comes with any form of investment. A few months of negative cash flow may not be a reason to sell right away, but it might be time to cut your losses if it’s looking like the property just isn’t meant to be a rental.

It’s more trouble than it’s worth

Managing rental property may be profitable, but it’s also stressful. You’ll need to keep your tenants satisfied, do regular maintenance work, and make sure that the property is always up to code. On top of this, you might be dealing with problematic tenants who don’t pay on time. If being a landlord is turning out to be a heavier burden than you anticipated, it might be time to move on.

You’ve identified better investment opportunities

You may have found better investment opportunities with significant capital gains. Selling your rental property will allow you to free up capital that you can use to seize such opportunities.

The market outlook is pessimistic

You should sell rental property if the forecasted market conditions aren’t looking good. A shrinking population and higher vacancy rates, for instance, will drive real estate prices down. Rising rental prices are also another red flag, but high demand may eventually even them out.

You’re moving out of town

Being a long-distance landlord may sound like a good opportunity to reduce your risks by diversifying into multiple markets. However, the reality is that when tenants are left unaccountable, they’re more likely to damage the property or delay rental payments. If you’re planning to move to another state, it might be a good idea to unload your property beforehand.

Sell Your Kansas City Rental Property for Cash

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