5 Tips to Sell Your Kansas City House Fast in Divorce

We help Kansas City couples sell their house fast through a divorce and move on with their lives. Sell your house for cash in 7-10 days.

Posted by Sell It To Bob on November 8, 2020
5 Tips to Sell Your Kansas City House Fast in Divorce

Are you going through a divorce and need to sell your Kansas City area house? Let’s face it, divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved, especially when you’re dealing with a large financial decision like selling your house. It’s an emotional time for couples and their families.

At Sell It To Bob, we are experienced with helping Kansas City couples through this difficult time. We buy houses fast in Kansas City, Missouri and help you move on with your life after divorce.

The following article is for research purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. The laws pertaining to home sales and tax in Missouri and the Kansas City area are always changing. You should always consult an experienced attorney or real estate professional before taking any action.

Sell Your Kansas City Area House Fast in a Divorce

Anyone going through a divorce has a different story to tell and there are a number of reasons to sell your house fast. From our experience, there are four main reasons why a couple going through a divorce in Kansas City will need to sell their house fast.

  • You’re looking to get a fresh start
  • You can’t afford to stay in your Kansas City house
  • You don’t have time to list your house with a realtor
  • You need cash to pay for legal fees

Sell It To Bob can help you through any of these situations and more. We buy Kansas City houses in 7-10 days and we pay all cash. Not sure about your next move? Check out our five tips for selling your Kansas City house fast in a divorce below.

Tip #1 – Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

Forget about your house for a moment. Your number one priority, first and foremost, is to take care of your children. This is also a chance for you to take a breather and think about your situation. You may even realize that an expedited home sale is not your only option. We encourage you to think about your options before you decide to sell your Kansas City house for cash.

Tip #2 – Don’t Let Your Emotions Get in the Way

For most of us, our home is our biggest financial asset and selling a home can bring up a lot of emotions. It’s also difficult when spouses can’t agree on whether or not to sell their house.

Unfortunately, this can add a lot of conflict and unwanted stress on top of a divorce. Just remember that the emotional side of a divorce can end up negatively impacting the sale of your house. Both spouses are relying on the cash from the home sale to begin their new life and neither want to be in a situation like this.

Tip #3 – Consider the Tax Implications

When you sell your Kansas City area house in a divorce, you’ll have to pay a capital gains tax. The capital gains tax is paid on the profit you get from selling an investment, like your house. Sometimes the capital gains tax rate can be as high as 23.8%. But you may be able to avoid this tax if you speak to a real estate professional or tax attorney.

Something important to note about capital gains tax and the timing of your divorce. There is an exemption of $250,000 per person when selling your primary residence in Kansas City, Missouri. If you sell your house while you’re still married, each partner qualifies for their exemption, adding up to $500,000. If you sell your house after the divorce is final, you could miss out on the additional $250,000 exemption.

Tip #4 – Don’t Rush into Anything

This is not a time to be making quick decisions. We mentioned this before and we’ll say it again… slow down and assess your situation before deciding to sell your Kansas City area house during a divorce. Make sure you’re doing things right. Talk to a real estate professional, attorney, financial planner, and tax advisor to make sure you understand all the financial implications of selling your Kansas City house during divorce.

Whether you decide to sell on your own, list with a realtor, or sell your house for cash to Sell It To Bob, there are pros and cons to each. Check out our comparison of selling versus listing your Kansas City area home.

Tip #5 – Keep Calm. You’re Not Alone.

Selling your Kansas City house through a divorce can be challenging and emotionally ordeal, but you can get through it in one piece and move on with your life. Just remember that you’re not alone and Sell It To Bob can help. We are experienced real estate professionals who help Kansas City area homeowners sell their home through a divorce.

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